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Shipping and Delivery Note:

The following galleries have a variety of options for shipping. AVOS Studios provides free shipping for all orders over $100.00 and a special $10 -15.00 "Hand Delivery Service" for our customers that reside in the Broward - Miami Dade and Deerfield / Boca areas.

This special service provides you with a faster, less expensive, method of obtaining your images. THESE ARE FLAT RATES AND ARE NOT BASED UPON THE PRICE OF THE ORDER.

- To have your order Hand Delivered please select the "PICKUP" option for shipping and we will contact you to arrange delivery after your payment is processed.

 - Local Hand Delivery orders take place on Thursdays and Fridays of each week.

- Local Hand Delivery to the Broward County or Boca / Deerfield area is an additional $10.00 charge to your order.

- Local Hand Delivery is also available to the Miami area for an additional charge of $15.00 to your order.

Other delivery methods may take between 3 -14 days. Please contact us  at (954) 295 -8150  or avosstudio@hotmail.com with any questions.